icona plastiche rigenerate

Regenerated plastics

We highly believe in the sustainability of materials because for every end there can be a new beginning. For this reason, we have added to Virgin Polyethylene a line of products in Regenerated Plastics.

Years of experimentation on this new line have led us to offer our customers products with a significant percentage of Regenerated PE, a sustainable line with performances guaranteed to equal those of products with virgin raw materials.

seconda vita

plastica seconda vita

Plastica Seconda Vita is the first European brand dedicated to products made from recycled plastic.

This environmental product certification gives us the opportunity to shine a particular light on our packagings obtained from the recycling of plastic waste, whose specification is recognized by ACCREDIA, the Italian Accreditation Body.

Our PSV certified products are: tubular film, flat film, welded bag and valve bag

We go beyond the use of regenerated plastics; we work to guarantee our customers the total traceability of the second raw materials and the quantity of their use.

icona plastiche riciclate


100% recyclable

We guarantee 100% recyclable products because we strongly believe in the importance of a Circular Economy.

This is the reason why our monopolymer packaging can be easily recovered and transformed into a Secondary Raw Material, after its use: a recycled material that maintains technical and mechanical characteristics equivalent to the initial ones.

Goals 2030

Alone we go fast, but together we go further“.

This African idiom perfectly represents our point of view on the founding values of our cooperative. First and foremost, the dignity of the work of all members and collaborators, because every resource is unique and important.

A focal point of our business activity is the attention to new technologies, continuous innovation and the enhancement of regenerated plastics. We have been able to reach these goals thanks to years of investments, experimentations and a growing attention to energy saving with an eye always focused to the impact of our activity on the ecosystem.

For all these reasons, we are firmly committed to the goals of the UN.